Upgrade your Building Experience

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Upgrade your Building Experience thru engaging, interactive, building lobby communications for the Tenant, Visitor, Property Manager, Leasing Team, and Owner.

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We strive to create a meaningful experience for everyone who enters your Building Lobby.

Your Lobby is the interior focal point of the building, setting the tone for its perception in the community, and saying much to and about, the organizations and people who experience it daily. Their evaluation is entirely subjective, and the environment you provide determines how effectively you connect and the impressions they are left with.

InforCenter is about making that experience meaningful, informed, enlightening, and entertaining. Ask us about how we can help you establish the building’s personality, communicate its marketing message, and facilitate the operating mission.

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A digital Building Information Center presenting a simple, yet complete, user experience.

searchable directory
area amenities
Local & current weather
traffic conditions
building videos
tenant advertising
space available floor plans
marketing brochures
building newsletters
area magazines
static directory
welcome screens
holiday screensavers
building location
building presentations
building access


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  • Interface Designs are instantly familiar to any user

  • Kiosk and Enclosure Designs upgrade the building environment

  • Web Based Administrative Interface to easily change Directory Names and other content

  • Use Existing Marketing Content - Brochures - Floor Plans - Videos

  • Surrounding Amenities displayed in an interactive map

  • Integrate Building Web Pages for expanded communications

  • Develop Special Content for special use for Tenant Communications, Building Marketing
  • Directories available at Interactive or Static, or Both

  • Information Center for Traffic, Weather, Local Amenities, and Building Information

  • Leasing Center is a lobby based presentation platform for the sales process

  • Wayfinding options for graphic communication of pathways and locations

  • Identity of the building reinforced in a highly visible platform

Exceptional Content

individual approach

  • Multiple Directory Displays
  • Intuitive Interfaces
  • Wide variety of Applications
  • Available for Multiple Users
  • Created for Specific Audience

Integrated Solutions

  • From 24” to Multi-touch Video Walls
  • International Hardware Providers
  • Architectural Grade Mounts and Enclosures
  • Installation Support
  • Software Maintained and Managed Remotely

Flexible Pricing Options

  • Multiple Configurations to select from
  • Choose Only the Applications Needed
  • Add Applications at any time
  • Purchase or Lease Options Available