Use InforCenter to present Agent driven or Self-Service Marketing Presentations

Integrate Video, Animations, Maps, Photo Galleries, Brochures, Floor Plans, and more into non-linear interactive stories that competitively position the building in the market.

Use Your Existing Content

Use your existing videos, presentations, brochures, floor plans, maps, and photos from multiple format including simple PDF documents which can easily become interactive elements. Create your marketing materials once and use them everywhere.

Have a Building Specific Presentation Built for InforCenter

Have us create an interactive presentation from your materials that can be driven by the building leasing team or specifically as a self-service presentation for visitors.

Use a Web Viewer to Show Your Building Website

We can use a simple web view application to show your building web page to use it as a marketing tool or simply for building communications.

Start Building Tours with InforCenter

Start your leasing tours in the building lobby by selling the features and benefits of the building in a graphic manner before visiting specific space. Make Exhibits, including Floor Plans as large as the screen to illustrate selling points quickly.

Why Use InforCenter for Marketing?

  • It's Cost Effective to develop content or simply use what your existing files.
  • Non-linear format allows you to show just what is needed, quickly jumping to another exhibit to answer impromptu questions or expand the presentation.
  • Use a wide variety of content to tell the selling story including Drone footage, Video tours, PDF Floor Plans, and Building Brochures.
  • Develop a "Take a Building Tour" for a self-service guided tour available for any building visitor.