Building Directory Support Bulletin

Subject: HP LD4200tm Series Touch Displays

The electronic directory in your building utilizes a touch screen display from HP (Model LD4200tm series) which is 5 years or older. These displays are essentially larger versions of desktop displays that have been built for use in commercial digital signage applications. Their rated life is approximately 5 to 6 years, which has proven to be accurate. We have observed that these units are failing on a predictable basis as they near the end of their useful life. Further, the computers may have to be replaced prior to the display failing.

With the release of Microsoft Windows 10, we have been told by HP Support (10/6/2017) that their displays are no longer compatible with the latest operating systems. While the connections operate and the resolution is compatible (1920 X 1080), the drivers for the touch capability are not available. HP no longer supports this display and expressed surprise that the particular display we inquired about was still operating at all, which means they are also seeing regular failures for older displays across their customer base.

What this Means

The touch display in your directory is approaching the end of its life and there is a high probability that it will fail in the near future. You should budget for replacement. While you may not have to use these funds, you will be prepared for a failure that is becoming more likely as the equipment ages.

If your computer fails before the display, the replacement system, if provided by InforCenter, will come with Windows 10. Earlier versions of MS Windows will not work with the latest generation of Intel processors. This will mean you have to replace your display at the same time you replace the computer due to the incompatibility referenced above.

If you have the first generation of InforCenter, we will require that you upgrade to InforCenter I17. If you are upgrading to InforCenter I17, you will be required to have the additional computing power provided by the latest Dell configuration, as well as the latest Windows 10 operating system. Provided all support payments are current, InforCenter will provide the software applications at no charge; however, you will be required to pay a fee for the player license and configuration costs. Subsequent costs of support may change (lower costs) as we have changed our support model for InforCenter I17 users.

Touch Screen Replacement

HP no longer makes displays for digital signage. We have been replacing the HP displays with the ELO 4202L Digital Signage (Model E222369) Touch Display with Infrared Touch Technology. We can provide the display, or you can purchase it from another source. If you elect to purchase elsewhere, please be advised that InforCenter support will refer you directly to ELO support for any potential display issues, including those associated with installation.

The ELO 4202L displays are 2.43" deep, about one-half the depth of the HP displays. In addition, the mounting pattern is different (ELO 4202L is 400 X 400). This will need to be taken into account when you replace the display in any kind of enclosure. Most universal mounts will accommodate either display. Spacers can generally be used to close the depth gap when used in an enclosed environment.


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