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Dell Announces 86" Touch Screen

Dell has introduced a competitively priced 86" Diagonal 4K Interactive Touch Monitor (Model C8618QT) for presentation and collaboration. Though primarily aimed at Conference Rooms, these monitors appear to be capable of use for public information display environments where lighter duty might be expected (16 X 7). The impressive 86" size is large enough for two people to easily interact with InforCenter applications that are deployed in a dual-application mode, for example; two separate people using different directory applications at the same time.

It is built specifically for group presentations and could be a cost effective system to use for building marketing presentations to tenant prospects with groups of up to 12 people touring the building. InforCenter Marketing Presentation applications displaying floor plans, building brochures, access maps, area amenities and other interactive content can equip leasing agents with a valuable platform to easily sell building features, or provide visitors a self-service tool with which to explore all the building has to offer.

The display has been designed for optimal performance with brilliant 4K resolution, a wide viewing angle, and coatings to combat glare and fingerprint smudge. Dell's Optiplex Micro series computers integrate seamlessly into the back panel without the need for a separate power cord. Dell provides a 3 year warranty with Advanced Exchange Service which can be upgraded to Advanced Exchange with next business day monitor replacement.

See more about the Dell 86 4K Interactive Touch Monitor: C8618QT at:


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