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Traffic Conditions on Demand

Instant reports of traffic conditions have come a long way from sporadic reports on traffic radio, or grainy maps on the Internet of current conditions only on the major freeways. Road conditions can change rapidly and grid-lock can last for hours. Checking traffic conditions on a large screen when leaving your building, at any time of the day, is a convenience that can provide the confidence of an easy drive home, or the information needed to plan alternate routes, if conditions are unfavorable.

Traffic Viewers, available as an application on the InforCenter Digital Building Information Center, allows users to view Bing Traffic Maps from Microsoft on demand when the information is required. Bing Traffic Maps illustrate current conditions in the area immediately surrounding your building, and with a simple "pinch" of the screen, the entire city. Pinch and Pan the map to see conditions on internal arteries in any part of town within seconds, or view traffic cameras with real-time images of the current roadway status.

With larger screens, click "Full Screen" to place the map over the entire canvas of the screen for a perspective well beyond the scope of any hand-held device. Traffic information is available from Bing Maps at no additional charge. To see Bing Traffic Maps on your desktop device go to


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