Current Traffic and Weather conditions and Forecasted Weather Available on Demand

Tenants and Visitors can see current Weather conditions any time at a glance and quickly view the latest forecast at the press of a button. Current Traffic conditions in the immediate area, or in another part of the city, show you the best routes to your destinations.

Current Weather At a Glance

A typical InforCenter includes the current Weather conditions in the header area for convenient “at a glance" viewing without requiring any interaction.

Multiple Day Forecasted Weather

For a multi-day forecast of the weather, simply press a button to see conditions for the coming days.

Traffic Conditions

Current Traffic conditions for the area surrounding the building show free and congested routes allowing visitors and tenants to plan their travels for greatest efficiency.

Pinch and Pan with Touch

Use “Pinch” and “Pan” gestures, familiar to smart phone users, to make the area smaller or larger or to scroll the area in any direction, viewing the entire city for general traffic conditions, or a specific area granular detail.

Full Screen

Go "Full Screen" to see larger areas in detail, including arterial roads that feed the primary traffic ways offering alternative routes to a destination.


Larger screens of 65" and more can accommodate multiple users. While one is viewing the Weather or a Directory, another can view Traffic conditions, without waiting.


Larger screens of 65" and more can accommodate multiple users. Both users can view traffic conditions at the same time without waiting.